The Circus Of Life – Perils of Social Media on Personal Life

Social media is a platform to connect with friends and family spread all over the globe. Although it is a dream come true to be just a click away from your loved ones but, one needs to be cautious and vigilant while using this medium. The biggest issue is that of censorship wherein, people fail to recognise what to tell and what to withhold. Too much personal information spread on the net can be used as arsenal against you at any time in future. Do not believe that you are above reproach and nobody has an agenda against you. It is best to assume that just like others you too are susceptible to Internet crimes and data abuse. At least it will curb your inner devil from posting every bit of personal information that nobody else needs to know.

Falling into debates, name calling, insensitive comments etc., will just make you a target. You will not be perceived as a person with a viewpoint but, you will be known as someone who holds a grudge. Idea is not to sit back and suffer in quite when something bothers you. A statement can be made civilly, without being ill mannered and using gross language. Use your intellect to guide your thoughts into words that are equally forceful without being demeaning. Heated arguments online is like washing your dirty laundry in open. And obviously nobody finds it attractive. You will not only lose friendships this way but will also earn a reputation for being a cracker pot. Steam rolling over others and their viewpoint will not earn you any medals. All you can and should do is just put forth your thoughts, it’s up to others if they want to agree or not.

Too much personal information can also destroy your personal relationships. Problem is that you cannot live inside the mind of others so, you will never know what can hurt them beyond limits. Marriages and relationships have broken over photographs shared and comments posted. Most of us are too juvenile and fail to curb our tongues, in this case our fingers. We do not know the proper etiquette of using social media and hide behind the statement that – “others too are doing the same”. I feel our maturity has gone for a six and we rush into actions without thinking of their repercussions. If you want to play it safe then control your language and always think hard before you write, share or tweet anything. It is the inconsequential things that tend to blow up in face.


Living In Glass Houses –  Humans Vs Nature

I wear rose coloured glasses when it comes to seeing reality. Maybe that is why I believe my actions will guide those of others around me. My steps are small – I have a small kitchen garden that is pesticide and insecticide free, given the option I buy organic products only, do not collect polythene bags, throw garbage in the dustbins only (even while travelling), use recycled paper etc. And these things I teach my children, family and friends as well. Hopefully, I shall inspire them to work towards protecting and improving the environment.

We all know how human dominance has severely affected nature everywhere. We are not only well educated, but also, well versed in the perils that face us if we continue to undermine the importance of our environment. And still we choose to be ignorant. Nature on its own tends to give us jolting shocks about reality in the form of landslides, earthquakes, changing weather patterns etc., still all we do is talk about being the saviours of nature one day. Why is that day not today? Why do we always wait for the others to begin first? I think all that we are trying to do is shift the blame on somebody else so that we can justify our inadequacies. How degraded and belittling is this thinking? We are living in glass houses where we choose to blame others for not doing what is essential towards protecting the nature. Our arrogance is hard to get over but, in not too distant future the nature itself will strike back. And when that happens it will be too late to feel sorry.

Try to visualise, if everybody waits for somebody else to make a difference then, who will actually do the needful. We have a beautiful planet that was gifted to us by some power that I fail to define. This planet is our future and our destiny. So, why not make it a better place, for not just ourselves but others too. Use your intelligence and arrogance to make a positive difference.




Motherhood is all about recalibrating your equilibrium and recalculating your priorities. You are well aware of how your ‘Me Time’ will take a flying leap out of the window and yet when that happens you are in a tailspin. Moreover, when there are two brats to control, the ‘Yoyo’ that they make out of you, is completely out of this world. Suffice to say looking prim and proper is a thing of past, embrace the new harried and worried look as that is what Motherhood inspires.Screaming, running, spilling, breaking, smashing, tantrums, skinned knees, bloody elbows and fractures are everyday speed bumps. The main thing is to look serene even after all these. The periodic heart attacks that the kids give you, which can scare the living day lights of any sane person, completely and fully entitle you to binge on chocolates and ice creams to rehab, restore and rejuvenate your soul. In some extreme cases even a good cry might help. After all the next round is around the corner and the vicious circle begins.

The biggest thing is no matter how topsy-turvy life becomes, you will never ever exchange your little hellions for anything better. They might aim to age you by ten years in just five but, they will always be your sweethearts.

To all Mothers, let’s raise a toast to our scamps, drown our everyday ordeal in sugar high and begin the new day with new hope and high expectations.



For The Love Of Reading

The musty smell of old books, clean and crisp pages of the newer ones, the thrill of physically turning a page to immerse in a sea of pictures created by words; are all facets of reading a book that have now disappeared. With electronic reading devices, the charm of holding a book in your own hands and lovingly marking those pages with book marks or a small turn of the topmost corner, for picking up the threads from where u last left, now feel like an alien task. By no means am I against super cool toys like “kindle”, “iPad”, “tab” and other e-book readers, for I too am in the same bandwagon using those. But, reality does hit at times, how looking for a book in shops and at other vendors used to create that spark and raise more interest in the intended book. Browsing through the many shelves in libraries and getting frustrated not finding that lone diamond, would make actual be getting of the same a wonderful surprise. Although, finding books online and getting their electronic prints is a hassle free job yet, it fails to give rise to anxiety for the print running out of stock even before you could get hold of one for yourself. It was these little things that used to make reading more enjoyable. 

Even today, I give pride of place to the book shelf that holds my collection of books, which were selected with love, a book at a time. My heart and soul feel rejuvenated seeing them and running my fingers through those pages of mesmerising words, makes me feel nostalgic. For all the book readers around the world, even if not always then sometimes, do buy a hardcover or paperback book and immerse yourself in a different zone with a nice cup of tea or a coffee and obviously that most desired book. The feeling of contentment after reading will be far greater than what you achieve after reading the same on an electronic device. Build your physical collection of books and feel love, joy and eternal gratification in them.