For The Love Of Reading

The musty smell of old books, clean and crisp pages of the newer ones, the thrill of physically turning a page to immerse in a sea of pictures created by words; are all facets of reading a book that have now disappeared. With electronic reading devices, the charm of holding a book in your own hands and lovingly marking those pages with book marks or a small turn of the topmost corner, for picking up the threads from where u last left, now feel like an alien task. By no means am I against super cool toys like “kindle”, “iPad”, “tab” and other e-book readers, for I too am in the same bandwagon using those. But, reality does hit at times, how looking for a book in shops and at other vendors used to create that spark and raise more interest in the intended book. Browsing through the many shelves in libraries and getting frustrated not finding that lone diamond, would make actual be getting of the same a wonderful surprise. Although, finding books online and getting their electronic prints is a hassle free job yet, it fails to give rise to anxiety for the print running out of stock even before you could get hold of one for yourself. It was these little things that used to make reading more enjoyable. 

Even today, I give pride of place to the book shelf that holds my collection of books, which were selected with love, a book at a time. My heart and soul feel rejuvenated seeing them and running my fingers through those pages of mesmerising words, makes me feel nostalgic. For all the book readers around the world, even if not always then sometimes, do buy a hardcover or paperback book and immerse yourself in a different zone with a nice cup of tea or a coffee and obviously that most desired book. The feeling of contentment after reading will be far greater than what you achieve after reading the same on an electronic device. Build your physical collection of books and feel love, joy and eternal gratification in them.



4 thoughts on “For The Love Of Reading

  1. Deepali says:

    I am floored; your writing is so amusing & refreshing, just moves me right away. I simply love it, thanks for sharing your amazing talent!!


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