Living In Glass Houses –  Humans Vs Nature

I wear rose coloured glasses when it comes to seeing reality. Maybe that is why I believe my actions will guide those of others around me. My steps are small – I have a small kitchen garden that is pesticide and insecticide free, given the option I buy organic products only, do not collect polythene bags, throw garbage in the dustbins only (even while travelling), use recycled paper etc. And these things I teach my children, family and friends as well. Hopefully, I shall inspire them to work towards protecting and improving the environment.

We all know how human dominance has severely affected nature everywhere. We are not only well educated, but also, well versed in the perils that face us if we continue to undermine the importance of our environment. And still we choose to be ignorant. Nature on its own tends to give us jolting shocks about reality in the form of landslides, earthquakes, changing weather patterns etc., still all we do is talk about being the saviours of nature one day. Why is that day not today? Why do we always wait for the others to begin first? I think all that we are trying to do is shift the blame on somebody else so that we can justify our inadequacies. How degraded and belittling is this thinking? We are living in glass houses where we choose to blame others for not doing what is essential towards protecting the nature. Our arrogance is hard to get over but, in not too distant future the nature itself will strike back. And when that happens it will be too late to feel sorry.

Try to visualise, if everybody waits for somebody else to make a difference then, who will actually do the needful. We have a beautiful planet that was gifted to us by some power that I fail to define. This planet is our future and our destiny. So, why not make it a better place, for not just ourselves but others too. Use your intelligence and arrogance to make a positive difference.



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