The Circus Of Life – Perils of Social Media on Personal Life

Social media is a platform to connect with friends and family spread all over the globe. Although it is a dream come true to be just a click away from your loved ones but, one needs to be cautious and vigilant while using this medium. The biggest issue is that of censorship wherein, people fail to recognise what to tell and what to withhold. Too much personal information spread on the net can be used as arsenal against you at any time in future. Do not believe that you are above reproach and nobody has an agenda against you. It is best to assume that just like others you too are susceptible to Internet crimes and data abuse. At least it will curb your inner devil from posting every bit of personal information that nobody else needs to know.

Falling into debates, name calling, insensitive comments etc., will just make you a target. You will not be perceived as a person with a viewpoint but, you will be known as someone who holds a grudge. Idea is not to sit back and suffer in quite when something bothers you. A statement can be made civilly, without being ill mannered and using gross language. Use your intellect to guide your thoughts into words that are equally forceful without being demeaning. Heated arguments online is like washing your dirty laundry in open. And obviously nobody finds it attractive. You will not only lose friendships this way but will also earn a reputation for being a cracker pot. Steam rolling over others and their viewpoint will not earn you any medals. All you can and should do is just put forth your thoughts, it’s up to others if they want to agree or not.

Too much personal information can also destroy your personal relationships. Problem is that you cannot live inside the mind of others so, you will never know what can hurt them beyond limits. Marriages and relationships have broken over photographs shared and comments posted. Most of us are too juvenile and fail to curb our tongues, in this case our fingers. We do not know the proper etiquette of using social media and hide behind the statement that – “others too are doing the same”. I feel our maturity has gone for a six and we rush into actions without thinking of their repercussions. If you want to play it safe then control your language and always think hard before you write, share or tweet anything. It is the inconsequential things that tend to blow up in face.


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