The Purse Story

Sometimes clutched close to the bosom, sometimes slung carelessly over the shoulder, at times a style statement and mostly a dear friend; a woman’s purse is after all her life in a portable form. Containing valued possessions like a wallet, a piece of an essential jewellery; along with necessary nicknacks like lipstick and Kajal for fixing makeup on the go, safety pins for managing wardrobe malfunctions, pen and pepper spray for unforeseen requirements and obviously the notorious cell phone; The Bag holds it all together for any woman. Scarcely, would you ever come across a woman who is not armed with this potent piece of luggage. Men beware! This unlikely piece of baggage if aimed correctly can cause (un)due harm to your sensitive anatomy. In all events and likely hood it is a storehouse of ammunition for both beauty and protection.

History Of Purse or Handbag

There is no first recorded sighting of the purse. A common belief is that the initial purses were used to carry seeds and medicines. It can thus be inferred that, it was the men folk who carried purses, even before they were used by the women. But, their widespread use suddenly appeared when currency came into play. Hence, the more modern form of purse was first used when money started exchanging hands for buying and selling. During this time the purse was made of leather and looked like a pouch or a small bag with drawstrings, this was its most simplest form. Over a period of time changes were made with addition of hidden pockets and more compartments to accommodate diverse needs.

Changing fashion also dictated a change in the appearance of a purse. During the 18th century, the fabric of the pouch changed to silk with additional embroidery on surface to make it look pretty. This was the reticule and it started a trend amongst the ladies for stylish handbags.

The 19th century saw the advent of shoulder bags, these were made even more popular during the Second World War. They were bigger than the reticule and had a long strap for easily hanging on the shoulder.

The transformation of purse did not end here. In the mid of 20th century appeared a a smaller but an eclectic version of the purse known as a clutch. It was conveniently small and handheld.

Now a days, a purse is most commonly referred to as a handbag. It is not only bigger than its predecessors but also more fashionable and at the same time more useful. 

A handbag is not just a style statement for any woman but also, holds together her everyday requirements in a convenient piece of luggage that is easy to carry.


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