Travelling With Kids – An Experience To Share

Travelling with two kids is always a hassle, imagine two naughty boys under 6 years and you’ve got your hands full. The question is whether to mind the boys or the luggage? At such times I dread even air travel.

One bright sunny morning, a day after Christmas, with bags bursting at the seams with gifts and clothes competing with each other for space, my boys decided to be boys. My poor husband was drained with running after our 2 boys in the train, that we took for the first leg of our journey. With almost 5 hrs to kill before the second leg of our journey began, which was by air, he decided to take a short nap at the airport waiting lounge. And that was when the naughty circuit imbedded in my boys brains short circuited. It was almost as if they were on a sugar high or just high on life itself. Either ways, that headache which would escalate into a full blown migraine any moment was just waiting for me with open arms.

As soon as my hubby drifted into sleep, the boys decided to start by touching every exhibit displayed in the waiting area. Soon they discovered that slipping and falling on their bums, at the entry ramp to the lounge was even more fun. The harder they fell, the more fun it was. All eyes, at this point, were trained on me, looking accusingly at how incompetent I was at being a mother. But, my plight was not about to end at this minuscule level. Soon, they decided to test their vocal chords. The competition was to test who could hit the highest decibel. God! I wanted to bury my head in sand, just like an ostrich. All my pleas to them for some silence were ineffective. Kind of felt that they had mastered the art of selective listening.

It was then, that I had the bright idea to ask a security personnel for some assistance. It would not go amiss at this point to mention that I constantly scare my kids with bad consequences if any security personnel were to catch them. The moment they saw one approaching, both ran in opposite directions. Giving up all hope of letting my hubby catch a few precious winks, I shook him awake like a rag toy. Panicked his eyes flew open to see my frazzled appearance. Taking pity on me he chased after our younger one while I went after the other.

Finally, with bags loaded on one trolley and the kids on the other one we decided to go for security check, assuming that a chance to see airplanes from a closer distance would calm their overactive nerves. Alas, that was not to happen. They behaved as if they had seen an airplane for the first time. Screaming with glee as each aircraft landed and took off, they were a picture of enthusiastic, first time travellers. Who would believe the hours of travelling that both had already done.

Eventually, our long day came to an end as the boarding started for our flight. My two whirlwinds were drained and drowsy by now. As soon as we were seated, their heads began to nod off. The flight was quite pleasant and air crew claimed our kids to be complete Angels. Who would have thought how sleep would make my brats look a picture of innocence.


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