Human Robots – A Way of Life

A few days back, I saw a series on Artificially Enhanced Humans or as they preferred to call themselves the Human Robots, on television. This program opened my eyes as to how much we humans are ready to experiment with ourselves in order to amplify our capabilities, at the cost of our well being.

Who Are Human Robots?

Human Robots are those people who have willingly got devices implanted in their bodies in order to overcome the limitations of a human body. Mostly, these Artificially Enhanced Humans would have gotten implants not for treating some illness, but for making their bodies more superior, to other fellow beings, by increasing their dormant or untapped capabilities.

Is It Easy To Become A Human Robot?

Technology is a necessary evil, wherein ethics and legality play hide-and-seek with human principles and scruples. As a result, people who want to become Human Robots find it difficult to find willing doctors to perform the necessary operation for implanting any device. Not only that, heavy pain killers, to give respite from pain, are also not available without prescription.

Aspirants of becoming Human Robots or Artificially Enhanced Humans have to depend on either quacks and unqualified doctors or tattoo artists to perform the requisite surgical process. In these situations, there is always the risk of contracting infection due to use of tools that have not been sterilized as per medical norms.

The Need To Become Human Robots

Human nature is such that we want to be better than the rest. At the same time we want to simplify our life, have technology at our beck and call and even experience what others are normally unable to. For example, due to the use of electronic devices we have electro-magnetic fields all around us, but the limitation of the human body is that we are unable to experience it. Now imagine inserting a device in your body that will not only allow you to experience, but also make use of this electro-magnetic field in your day to day life. Similarly, imagine a device which, when implanted in your body will transfer all your body’s functional readings to any external device that can be used to monitor your health.

These are just a few hypothetical situations, but not a compulsory requirement for any human body. So, the call or need to become a Human Robot lies with the person themselves.


As of now, anything that is considered to be in the realm of extraordinary, is unethical and hence uncalled for. But the fact is that technology is so integrated in our lives that in the near future we all would want to be Artificially Enhanced Humans so that we can experience and live with the bizarre.


To conclude, even now there are many takers for Human Robots who not only propagate, but also support becoming artificially enhanced. Something that is considered unethical today will soon become the reality of lives. Very soon our survival too would depend on this. So, there is no use denying living with Human Robots.



EXAM BLUES – Handling Exam Stress

Exams are just around the corner for most students. So, the pressure to perform is mounting and the tension is increasing. You feel not only suffocated, but also, threatened with your own insecurities. This feeling is normal, but a hindrance to studies. Some of this tension can be alleviated, but the rest of it will be a part and parcel of your daily life until the exams are finally over.

How To Handle Exam Blues

The biggest concern amongst the youth taking exams and their parents is about controlling the exam tension and channelizing it productively and positively. In this regards, parents and children will have to work together to help each other offset the exam tension.

exam stress1


How Parents Can Help Children Handle Exam Tension

  • Stop Constant Nagging To Study More – understand one thing clearly, your child is already under stress to study and do well. This stress arises from peer pressure as well as expectations set by the teacher. So, if you cannot reduce your child’s exam tension, then at least do not increase it. Your constant nagging will only irritate them further and add to their insecurities. As a parent, you do need to ask your child to be sincere while studying, but you will also have to respect their judgment about the same. Be the guide that shows the right direction, but do not push them forcefully into it.
  • Give Your Child Time To Relax – sometimes even an hour of relaxation is not sufficient to unwind. At such times, pushing your child to study will serve no purpose. Give them space and time to de-stress and start fresh.
  • Do Not Pressurize Your Child With Comparisons – the worst that a parent can ever do is to compare their child to others. If knowingly or unknowingly you are doing this then you need to stop. Every child has different capabilities so you should not do comparisons. In your bid to make your child more competitive you might just me making them feel more inferior.
  • Help Them Learn By Motivating – as a parent, you are your child’s mentor and guide, next to their teacher. Instead of pushing them to study, motivate them towards your common goal. A motivated child will study and learn better than a threatened one. Motivation can be in the form of a gift, a trip or a glimpse into their brighter future.

How Children Can Themselves Handle Exam Tension

  • Have A Set Time Table – as a child, you are well aware of the importance of examinations, so instead of fearing them take the bull by its horns. Make a timetable for yourself and stick to it. If possible, there should be no deviations. The first few days of following a routine will be difficult, but then it will be easy sailing as your diligence will pay yourself.
  • Revise Every Day – no matter how much you do in a day, set some time aside to revise whatever you have done on previous days. This way you will not be out of touch with whatever you have done previously and hence drastically reduce the chances of forgetting.
  • Writing And Practicising Is The Best Method Of Learning – the best method of learning is by writing. Your brain process whatever you write faster than what you read. So write on and on, until it is embedded in your brain. If possible, even while revising, write it down. Writing will not only help you concentrate better, but will also increase your writing speed.
  • Do Not Be Scared Of Stress – exam tension is normal, so there is no need to be scared of it. All you can do is, prepare yourself to handle it better by studying sincerely. Even the brightest of students suffer from exam tension, after all, not doing well or failing is a scary thought. Be positive and try not to feel bogged down.
  • Unwind When Unable To Study More – if your mind is just not into studying, no matter how hard you try, then give yourself a break even if it is not part of your set routine. If even a break does not help, then take the whole day off, but compensate for it the next day when your mind is fresh and active..
  • Ask Parents For Help – your parents want the best for you, so take their advice when nothing seems to work. You will be surprised with how effective their solution might be.


Finally, children should have a good 7-8 hours of sleep everyday, as a tired body makes for an unfit mind. Also, eat healthy and drink lots of water to be hale and hearty. Binging on comfort food at times is advisable. Relaxing is an integral part of learning, so do both in a balanced way.




Moneybanks – Beginners Guide To Investing


First time investors are the most cautious. There is nothing wrong with playing it safe, but when it comes to investments, there is nothing that is safe. So don’t fool yourself into believing that a safe investment will ensure your financial growth.

Investments fall under three categories – low risk, medium risk and high risk. Higher the risk involved greater will be the returns. Even the advertisements inform that all investments are subject to market risk so the offer document should be read carefully. Keeping this fact in mind, there are a certain guidelines that you can follow to ensure the best possible return for the money invested.

How To Invest Sensibly/ Investment For Beginners

  •   Start With Small Amounts – always begin with small investments. See how they fare over a period of time. When the amount invested is small the risk associated with it also bearable. If you lose a little money, it will not hurt your financial standing by much. Small investments will not only build your confidence to invest more, but also, help you gain necessary knowledge of how similar investments or stocks perform.
  • Invest in Different Schemes – the best practice is not to keep all your eggs in one basket, but to distribute them. This ensures the safety of your investments to some extent. If one or more investment fails to live up to your expectations, there will still be some that shall outperform. But, prior to investing in any scheme gather as much information as possible about it so as to make an educated guess about its future performance.
  • Gather Information About Portfolio Manager – performance of any investment, especially mutual funds and SIP’s depends on the knowledge and experience of the portfolio manager. So, if you are a beginner when it comes to investing money and you want to play it safe then, invest your money in those schemes only where the portfolio manager is experienced and has a good track record.
  • Learn About Market Trends – in case your interest lies in investing in the stock market, then learn about the market trends of those stocks that are of particular interest to you. Their long and short term performance will give you a fair idea of when to invest in them and when to exit. Knowledge of additional financial factors that play a role in defining the market trends is also beneficial.
  • Take Advice From A Trusted Source When in Doubt – when in doubt regarding where to invest always go to a trusted source or broker for help and guidance. After all, there is no harm in making an informed decision.


Finally, remember your money will not grow on its own. Hence, keeping it locked does not serve any purpose. Investing your money wisely is the best way to ensure that you can reap extensive benefits in the future out of the money that you have saved.




Becoming Your Child’s Best Friend

Youth has its own set of problems. As parents, we might think them to be inconsequential, but, for them these pressure tests will pave the way to building their personality and shaping their future. Ignoring little things that impact them will not only make them feel as if you don’t care but also, make them stop conferring with you. As a  parent, you need to be your child’s best friend and that is possible only if things that concern them are important to you as well.

Peer Pressure

The influence exerted by immediate friends and colleagues, to change ones beliefs and attitudes is known as peer pressure. This kind of pressure can be both negative and positive. Negative peer pressure would include things like trying drugs and alcohol, smoking, becoming a part of illegal activities like shoplifting, theft and so on. Unlike this, positive peer pressure will push them towards good behaviour, doing well in studies etc.

Remember, there was a time in life when you too experimented with stuff that would displease your parents, but you did it anyway. Your children are no different. As they grow up, there will be times when they will rebel and want to learn from their own mistakes and experiences. At such times, be supportive instead of going into the “ I TOLD YOU SO” mode. The time for being angry should come later, once they are receptive towards accepting their follies. This may take hours, days or weeks; use your judgement to know when the time is right.

Your children will not always have the best of friends. Instead of trying to alienate your kids from such peers try to teach them to differentiate between right and wrong. In the long run, this learning will come more handy rather than making social outcasts of them. Similarly, girls especially will try to emulate some fashion in their otherwise mundane lives. Instead of disparaging and scolding them, try to help them experiment and learn what looks good and what comprises vulgar.

Parental Pressure

Even if we don’t want, we still land up putting a lot of pressure on our children. This pressure is in the form of performing well in studies, doing well in life, etc. In most cases, we set our lives as a benchmark and expect our kids to outshine us. Most of the parents commit the folly of deciding and charting the future of their children even without consulting them. Bear in mind, the fact that, your kids might not have the same interests as you do. Hence, forcing them towards a certain career option is a bad move.

Your child is your own reflection. What you show them and teach them, is how they will conduct themselves in front of their children. So, set the right example and let your actions speak for themselves.


The Non-Fauji Thinking – No Facts But Strong Opinions


Everybody has an opinion, to each their own. I just have difficulty trying to come to terms with the beliefs of the vast majority of the population that has no inkling with the workings of the defence services and still have something to say about it. Firstly, to such people, I want to say – “IF YOU AIN’T SEEN IT, YOU DON’T KNOW IT.” Gather your facts first and if possible, do so directly from the horse’s mouth. Who better to tell you about the life of the defence personnel than the man himself. I can’t claim to be that man but, can claim to be someone who has seen that life from close quarters.

It’s a life that begins bright and early, when most of you are in bed, sleeping away to glory. There are no work timings and many a times not even sufficient hours to catch up on sleep. But what you, the non-fauji’s see is the partying and enjoyment that these brave men and women do to unwind and forget the stresses of the day, so that, the next day can start anew. Oh! How can I forget the sedate life that you lead with no parties and get together’s. And obviously, you all are teetotaller’s who never indulge in alcoholic drinks. I guess, all pubs survive totally at the expense of the defence personnel, who just drink day in and day out.

In the hour of crisis, be it natural calamity or terrorist attack, why do you cry for help from these brave men and women? Do you have the guts to send your own beloved to become a part of this truly extraordinary and brave league of men? If not, then why cast a stone, when you are yourself living in glass houses?

Let me tell you something about how harsh the life of a fauji is. You get posted to such remote areas where even bearably good medical facility is hard to get, let alone the other necessities of life. Even in such conditions a fauji laughs, parties and takes all in stride. Many a times, they have to live in tents and bear the heat and cold. Also, at times even a simple, taken for granted facility like a toilet is most rudimentary at its best. Even when they are posted at family stations, they hardly get to spend time with their families. These men of honour are married to their work. For them, Nation comes first and foremost. They are always at beck and call of duty, for the safety of their motherland. But, what do you see? You see the hue and cry for OROP, the low cost of products at canteen, you see their luxurious lifestyle and ration. Take away all this if you want, but know one thing for sure there is no way you can monetarily or otherwise compensate them for the hardships that they face. You can claim to do your job and still get paid peanuts without any benefits but, these courageous and valiant men and women perform beyond the call of their duty and yet get the backlash from the general public at large.

Lastly, let me tell you of the philosophy that the fauji’s live by and if you dare then try to emulate it yourself.






The Sinful Spoon

Spoon by spoon, the portions added to the plate make for a wicked and sinful spoon. Indulging your taste buds once in a while is not an issue, but making a habit out of it is harmful to health. Very often I have come across people who diet strictly and then, sometimes (according to them), they indulge. All the good that is achieved through dieting is wiped away by that just one excess helping because alas, one is never enough.

There is no harm in dieting, if done properly. But, the majority of the people are not aware of what constitutes an effective diet. In their pursuit to achieve that perfect body, they land up being too harsh on themselves. Such people will tend to be irritable, distracted and unhappy. In fact, if truth be told then, for majority of the people, dieting makes for rumbling stomachs and grumbling mouths. Every time such people come across that sinful spoon, they will surrender to its demands. Every delicious morsel will tempt them for more and being starved for appetising food, they shall succumb to the calls of the delectable food.

Every BODY is not meant to be thin (in case of women) and muscular (in case of men). Firstly, you need to come to terms with the type of your body. Your frame might be broad which will make it impossible for you to look thinner. In the same manner, if your frame is thin, then adding mass will be an uphill task that will be extremely frustrating. Understand the fact that, beauty does not lie in being either thin or muscular. I know so many men and women, who do not meet this criteria and are yet attractive with impressive personalities. A little thought in this direction will help you set an achievable target.

The biggest detriment to looking healthy is saying no to the sinful spoon. Every spoonful of that decadent  food will only make you crave for more and then will start the vicious circle. The best diet is to eat healthy and wholesome food, and when your body craves for something more, that is tantalizing and enticing, then opt for its healthier options. This way you will effectively deny the temptation of the sinful spoon.

Eat Healthy, Be Well!