The Non-Fauji Thinking – No Facts But Strong Opinions


Everybody has an opinion, to each their own. I just have difficulty trying to come to terms with the beliefs of the vast majority of the population that has no inkling with the workings of the defence services and still have something to say about it. Firstly, to such people, I want to say – “IF YOU AIN’T SEEN IT, YOU DON’T KNOW IT.” Gather your facts first and if possible, do so directly from the horse’s mouth. Who better to tell you about the life of the defence personnel than the man himself. I can’t claim to be that man but, can claim to be someone who has seen that life from close quarters.

It’s a life that begins bright and early, when most of you are in bed, sleeping away to glory. There are no work timings and many a times not even sufficient hours to catch up on sleep. But what you, the non-fauji’s see is the partying and enjoyment that these brave men and women do to unwind and forget the stresses of the day, so that, the next day can start anew. Oh! How can I forget the sedate life that you lead with no parties and get together’s. And obviously, you all are teetotaller’s who never indulge in alcoholic drinks. I guess, all pubs survive totally at the expense of the defence personnel, who just drink day in and day out.

In the hour of crisis, be it natural calamity or terrorist attack, why do you cry for help from these brave men and women? Do you have the guts to send your own beloved to become a part of this truly extraordinary and brave league of men? If not, then why cast a stone, when you are yourself living in glass houses?

Let me tell you something about how harsh the life of a fauji is. You get posted to such remote areas where even bearably good medical facility is hard to get, let alone the other necessities of life. Even in such conditions a fauji laughs, parties and takes all in stride. Many a times, they have to live in tents and bear the heat and cold. Also, at times even a simple, taken for granted facility like a toilet is most rudimentary at its best. Even when they are posted at family stations, they hardly get to spend time with their families. These men of honour are married to their work. For them, Nation comes first and foremost. They are always at beck and call of duty, for the safety of their motherland. But, what do you see? You see the hue and cry for OROP, the low cost of products at canteen, you see their luxurious lifestyle and ration. Take away all this if you want, but know one thing for sure there is no way you can monetarily or otherwise compensate them for the hardships that they face. You can claim to do your job and still get paid peanuts without any benefits but, these courageous and valiant men and women perform beyond the call of their duty and yet get the backlash from the general public at large.

Lastly, let me tell you of the philosophy that the fauji’s live by and if you dare then try to emulate it yourself.






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