EXAM BLUES – Handling Exam Stress

Exams are just around the corner for most students. So, the pressure to perform is mounting and the tension is increasing. You feel not only suffocated, but also, threatened with your own insecurities. This feeling is normal, but a hindrance to studies. Some of this tension can be alleviated, but the rest of it will be a part and parcel of your daily life until the exams are finally over.

How To Handle Exam Blues

The biggest concern amongst the youth taking exams and their parents is about controlling the exam tension and channelizing it productively and positively. In this regards, parents and children will have to work together to help each other offset the exam tension.

exam stress1


How Parents Can Help Children Handle Exam Tension

  • Stop Constant Nagging To Study More – understand one thing clearly, your child is already under stress to study and do well. This stress arises from peer pressure as well as expectations set by the teacher. So, if you cannot reduce your child’s exam tension, then at least do not increase it. Your constant nagging will only irritate them further and add to their insecurities. As a parent, you do need to ask your child to be sincere while studying, but you will also have to respect their judgment about the same. Be the guide that shows the right direction, but do not push them forcefully into it.
  • Give Your Child Time To Relax – sometimes even an hour of relaxation is not sufficient to unwind. At such times, pushing your child to study will serve no purpose. Give them space and time to de-stress and start fresh.
  • Do Not Pressurize Your Child With Comparisons – the worst that a parent can ever do is to compare their child to others. If knowingly or unknowingly you are doing this then you need to stop. Every child has different capabilities so you should not do comparisons. In your bid to make your child more competitive you might just me making them feel more inferior.
  • Help Them Learn By Motivating – as a parent, you are your child’s mentor and guide, next to their teacher. Instead of pushing them to study, motivate them towards your common goal. A motivated child will study and learn better than a threatened one. Motivation can be in the form of a gift, a trip or a glimpse into their brighter future.

How Children Can Themselves Handle Exam Tension

  • Have A Set Time Table – as a child, you are well aware of the importance of examinations, so instead of fearing them take the bull by its horns. Make a timetable for yourself and stick to it. If possible, there should be no deviations. The first few days of following a routine will be difficult, but then it will be easy sailing as your diligence will pay yourself.
  • Revise Every Day – no matter how much you do in a day, set some time aside to revise whatever you have done on previous days. This way you will not be out of touch with whatever you have done previously and hence drastically reduce the chances of forgetting.
  • Writing And Practicising Is The Best Method Of Learning – the best method of learning is by writing. Your brain process whatever you write faster than what you read. So write on and on, until it is embedded in your brain. If possible, even while revising, write it down. Writing will not only help you concentrate better, but will also increase your writing speed.
  • Do Not Be Scared Of Stress – exam tension is normal, so there is no need to be scared of it. All you can do is, prepare yourself to handle it better by studying sincerely. Even the brightest of students suffer from exam tension, after all, not doing well or failing is a scary thought. Be positive and try not to feel bogged down.
  • Unwind When Unable To Study More – if your mind is just not into studying, no matter how hard you try, then give yourself a break even if it is not part of your set routine. If even a break does not help, then take the whole day off, but compensate for it the next day when your mind is fresh and active..
  • Ask Parents For Help – your parents want the best for you, so take their advice when nothing seems to work. You will be surprised with how effective their solution might be.


Finally, children should have a good 7-8 hours of sleep everyday, as a tired body makes for an unfit mind. Also, eat healthy and drink lots of water to be hale and hearty. Binging on comfort food at times is advisable. Relaxing is an integral part of learning, so do both in a balanced way.




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