Human Robots – A Way of Life

A few days back, I saw a series on Artificially Enhanced Humans or as they preferred to call themselves the Human Robots, on television. This program opened my eyes as to how much we humans are ready to experiment with ourselves in order to amplify our capabilities, at the cost of our well being.

Who Are Human Robots?

Human Robots are those people who have willingly got devices implanted in their bodies in order to overcome the limitations of a human body. Mostly, these Artificially Enhanced Humans would have gotten implants not for treating some illness, but for making their bodies more superior, to other fellow beings, by increasing their dormant or untapped capabilities.

Is It Easy To Become A Human Robot?

Technology is a necessary evil, wherein ethics and legality play hide-and-seek with human principles and scruples. As a result, people who want to become Human Robots find it difficult to find willing doctors to perform the necessary operation for implanting any device. Not only that, heavy pain killers, to give respite from pain, are also not available without prescription.

Aspirants of becoming Human Robots or Artificially Enhanced Humans have to depend on either quacks and unqualified doctors or tattoo artists to perform the requisite surgical process. In these situations, there is always the risk of contracting infection due to use of tools that have not been sterilized as per medical norms.

The Need To Become Human Robots

Human nature is such that we want to be better than the rest. At the same time we want to simplify our life, have technology at our beck and call and even experience what others are normally unable to. For example, due to the use of electronic devices we have electro-magnetic fields all around us, but the limitation of the human body is that we are unable to experience it. Now imagine inserting a device in your body that will not only allow you to experience, but also make use of this electro-magnetic field in your day to day life. Similarly, imagine a device which, when implanted in your body will transfer all your body’s functional readings to any external device that can be used to monitor your health.

These are just a few hypothetical situations, but not a compulsory requirement for any human body. So, the call or need to become a Human Robot lies with the person themselves.


As of now, anything that is considered to be in the realm of extraordinary, is unethical and hence uncalled for. But the fact is that technology is so integrated in our lives that in the near future we all would want to be Artificially Enhanced Humans so that we can experience and live with the bizarre.


To conclude, even now there are many takers for Human Robots who not only propagate, but also support becoming artificially enhanced. Something that is considered unethical today will soon become the reality of lives. Very soon our survival too would depend on this. So, there is no use denying living with Human Robots.



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