The Chauvinist!

Times have changed and so has the definition of a “Chauvinist Pig”. No longer is it a word that can just be associated with men. Women also show their chauvinistic colors once in a while. Although predominantly it is still a man who gets called a “Male Chauvinist Pig”.

You Male Chauvinist!

Chauvinist by definition is a man who has blind faith in his superiority and considers women as beings who can be dominated due to their gender difference. Although surprisingly the term Chauvinist was originally used to define blind patriotism.

The word found its origin from the exaggerated and single-minded patriotism of the French soldier Nicolas Chauvin. The legend has it that Nicolas Chauvin was badly injured in the Napoleonic wars and received a very meager pension in return. He was a fanatic who was absolutely devoted towards Napoleon Bonaparte and his beliefs. Despite being neglected by his group his faith never wavered and hence was termed the word “Chauvinist”.

Male Chauvinist Pig!!


“Pig” was a word of ridicule and mockery that was used during the 1960’s. This term was mostly used by protesters to refer to police officers and other related men of influence. During the same time, women were becoming more and more aware of their position in society and how they were being relegated to a place of no importance. As such feminism was on the rise and saw the coining of the term “Male Chauvinist Pig”.

Female Chauvinism


Changing times have brought about radical changes in ideologies and thinking patterns. Nowadays women are no less than their male counterparts. They are no more just homemakers and relegated to the kitchen, but they are now bread earners and people of importance. This fundamental and radical change has given rise to a breed of female chauvinists who belittle and disparage the belief of men’s superiority.

So if the superiority complex in men makes them “Male Chauvinist Pigs”, then does that mean that female chauvinist’s are “Female Chauvinist Sows”? Hope not because the original word has been misconstrued and misquoted to suit the thinking of some minds. Now that there are no differences amongst men and women, other than their physical attributes, it is time for the term to take a silent backseat.


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