Murdering Love & Relationships


Fact of the matter is that life is all about gathering more and more money and measuring happiness in direct relation to it. As a consequence, quality time spent with any loved one, be it a friend, parent or spouse, is inconsequential and inadequate. Gone are the days when the whole family would sit down together to watch a movie or share a meal. Somewhere in the midst of misplaced priorities we have lost the true focus of life. Now a days, the equivalent of sharing a meal with family is clicking away to glory on your tablet or smartphone. “What’s App” is the new family and “Facebook” and “Twitter” etc., the new friends. For all purposes, you did sit down with your actual family but landed up spending zilch quality time with them. And so is the story on all other fronts. When such is the vicious circle of life affinity is sure to die.

We are a victim of our own creations that have misled us into becoming what we are – Spoiled and Selfish. Circumstances do not dictate ignoring those who are important, it is our selfish motives that drive us away from them. Divorce rates are high not because love died a natural death but because we did not take out time to build on what we had. Love and respect have to be nurtured so that relationships grow stronger. But instead, we blame the other persons shortcomings and overlook our own. The long and short of the matter is that love and respect do not disappear suddenly but wither away over a period of time. These feelings fade gradually as we fail to give them their due importance in actual life.

A lot more can be said on the matter and enough excuses can be made to justify our blatant ignorance. But the plain and simple truth, which is hard to deny, is that relationships are murdered with our own hands by denying love from growing.


Stronger With Each Tear

Every teardrop that I have spent is a lifetime of feelings that I could not control. My tears don’t make me weak, they make me stronger. They give me strength to start anew – a new beginning, a fresh hope. As a child, time and again, I was told that tears are a sign of weakness, but what they forgot to mention was that tears are also cleansing.Not that I cry at every twist and turn of life but sometimes my expressions are best conveyed through them. My tears are not always sad, they are happy too. They are my lifeline for I am a diehard optimist.

Women are inherently thought of as the weaker sex, their strength of character is seldom admired and their emotional nature is always taken for granted. From these assumptions stems the need to guard our feelings closely and when the banks break, tears flow unheeded. Once they have cleansed the soul we again rise like the mythical Phoenix – ready to begin all over again. Similarly, men also feel the need to cry. But they have to live up to their reputation of being hard and manly. So what we can do freely they have to do behind tightly shut doors.

Life is not always about just smiling, what adds lustre to it is some anger, frustration and tears. In the end, it’s all about how you let your emotions guide your being. You can either let yourself be destroyed with how you feel or you can yield it as a weapon to become a stronger person. You are no less compared to your counterparts, just because you are a little emotional gives nobody the right to ride roughshod over you. Your opinion still matters and your life still has meaning.

Ultimately, tears are a healthy way of maintaining your emotional balance. They teach you the value of happiness and that nothing in life should ever be taken for granted. Your tears don’t define you, they just make you more compassionate and that much more stronger.