An Adventurous Drive

The first opportunity to take a breather came in the form of the first RE-break. It was a time for the mere “Student Owls”, to poke their heads out from their nests and spread their wings, to get a glimpse into the real world. Three days presented a chance to pack in as much adventure, fun, and enjoyment as possible. Following the mob mentality, we too decided it was time to explore and venture out. Our choice of destination was Mysore or Mysuru as it is now called.


Thanks to friends and good company my husband was not the designated driver this time and hence could enjoy the sights throughout the drive. But he still had the obligation of being the responsible navigator. So with the help of a data pack he set course on the Google Maps. The drive began on an uneventful note. As we left Wellington, the weather was cloudy yet cool, with a little breeze. Lots of conversations and jokes being exchanged mile after mile made for an enjoyable journey. Things started looking up after we reached Ooty. The so-called breeze had picked up in intensity and the clouds had started showering their blessings.

On the outskirts of Ooty the GPS pointed us to go straight ahead but an uninformed passerby, along with some prior knowledge of the navigator, we decided to take the alternate route. This route was full of dense foliage and huge trees. The breeze had developed into strong winds accompanied with mild showers. A few more miles ahead and we came across our first fallen tree. It was a huge one and must have fallen minutes earlier as we were the second car in waiting to go across. Also, the mayhem of a traffic jam had yet not developed. After a few minutes of consultation with the others stranded, we decided to go under the tree. The underpass was a close call fraught with anxiety but no damages.


After that trees fallen across the road was a normal occurrence. But thanks to the invention of power saws the road was getting cleared quickly.


Once we hit the plains, a mutual consensus was that the drive would now be routine without any interruptions. Again nature took its own course. Our first forced halt was at “Mudumalai Reserve Forest” when we saw an elephant and that too a ‘Tusker’, chomping on green leaves. Such a close encounter with a mighty animal left us feeling quite awed. The children were ecstatic and we were speechless.


Proceeding forward we entered the “Bandipur Reserve Forest”.Obviously, there was no Veerappan to meet and greet us but how could our adventure just fizzle out. So we now had our second encounter at close range with a mighty elephant and its baby.


When nature conspires to present such incredible sights one just has to stop to admire and make memories. Needless to say our cameras worked overtime.

The journey onwards was a sight of blooming sunflower fields and vendors selling tons of watermelons. Mysore in itself was a beautiful, clean and open city. It’s heritage buildings were a sight to behold and offered a glimpse into our rich history. The first RE-break was indeed a holiday well spent and marks the beginnings of newer adventures yet to come.





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