Shopping Therapy – Changing Parameters 


Just like bread was meant to be buttered, women were meant for shopping. If cooking is not your forte then understand the paradigm by, “what cardio is to men, shopping is to women”.They are most happy and content when their inner shopping beast is satisfied. To that extent it is mandatory for ever husband and boyfriend to bear in mind that – Men go shopping to buy what they want, while women go shopping to know what they want. 

There was a time not so long ago in our history when going to the market was the only way possible to harass both the husband and the shopkeeper, in equal measure. But somebody up there was not happy with this approach. They thought if the men folk have to suffer so much then why not let them be in a place where they do not have to bear the indignity of public embarrassment and hence decided to bring about the existence of E-commerce. Now the suffering of the the male human mortals is restricted to their diminishing bank balance. The main dilemma, for the women now, is which website is the best and offers the most competitive prices. Obviously online shopping does not give the satisfaction of haranguing the seller until, in the literal sense, he drops down on his knees and begs for mercy. In other words, you make bhaiya (brother) and padosi (neighbour) of him so that he agrees to your prices.

If the lady cannot pester the website then what can she do to satisfy her fast talking beast? The answer is very apparent – obviously, torment the customer service executives. This harassing can range from ranting over pricey products to not having good enough variety, colour mis-match to quality deterioration. In all, the aim is to let the website know that by gracing them with your presence you are indeed offering a big service to their flagging image.

On a serious note, gone are the days of visiting markets and running shop to shop trying to find that elusive item on your shopping list. Everything is now at your disposal and just a click away. All you need is the arsenal of Internet banking or credit card login ID and password. The best thing is that shopping can now be done at any time and from any place. There are no working hours as websites operate 24×7 and there is no inconvenience of travelling. You can shop in your most rudimentary and comfortable attire and yet there is no one around to judge you based on how you dress and carry yourself. All you need is an Internet connection and Voila! You are all set to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!


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