Bold And The Beautiful

At the outset, I am not talking about the famous television series “Bold and the Beautiful”.  Although the context is still the same and that is “Fashion”. I am no fashion icon and neither a fashion critique. I am just a normal, everyday person who loves to play dress up. My fashion sense has always told me that trendy dressing is all about looking smart, being comfortable and yet practical. But, to be very honest the dictates of the so-called fashion industry are completely opposite. The runway dresses are not only impractical but also leave very little to the imagination (read barely there). In fact, I am pretty sure that even the models that showcase these fine works of art would not be caught dead in them. So my point is – “Is bold really beautiful”? The cliché response would be that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If that be the case, then I am Miss Universe and others just an eyesore. Okay, maybe not that extreme but close enough.

If you look at all the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities then a majority of them believe in power dressing because it makes them look important, intimidating and knowledgeable. And power dressing is in no way over the top revealing or garish but fashionable still. However, there is a small fraction of celebrities whose fashion sense is out of this world. You might be forced to give them a few pointers yourself. For example, some Hollywood celebrities often believe in baring their butt or boobs on the red carpet. Well, the first thought that pops in my head is who wants to know the shit that lies in between. Maybe their aim is to shock everybody to death in the name of fashion and being called trendsetters. Rose McGowan in 1998, Jennifer Lopez in 2001, Rihanna in 2014, Miley Cyrus in 2015 are just a few names who have shocked not only their fans but the world in general with their outstanding wardrobe.

Keeping up appearances can be exhausting still it does not mean that you go au-natural with barely there clothes. One thing that these celebrities have proved without a trace of doubt is that the bold is really not beautiful, on the contrary, it makes you the butt of all jokes and you also stand out for all the wrong reasons. Being fashionable is not about being bold, it is about being subtle and realistic. Look at Michelle Obama her dressing sense is impeccable and yet she is the most sought after fashion icon of the recent times. In fact, she is a woman par excellence who knows just the right tools of the fashion industry and uses them judiciously to her advantage.


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