Kannur – A Gem Of Kerala

Holidays are meant for good times and enjoyment. And when hills are your home, the beaches are bound to be your holiday destination of choice. So searching for a place to unwind and relax was a no-brainer.

Almost 235 km away from Wellington via NH181 and 260 Kms via NH66, in the Gods Own Country lies a hidden gem known as Kannur. As a holiday destination and vacation spot it is bound to bewitch and amaze you with its pristine beaches and awe inspiring views. If you are looking for a place like Goa sans the overflowing tourists, shacks on beaches and over budget resorts, then your search for some peace and tranquility should lead you here. It is a perfect place for spending quality time with friends and family.


Also known as Cannanore during the British rule, this beautiful place has a rich and vibrant history. As one of the three most important cities of the western part of the Indian sub-continent, Kannur was not only an important trading center but also served as the headquarters of the British Military on the western coast of India until 1887. The old city of Kannur was ruled by Arakkal Sultanante, the only Muslim Royal Dynasty of Kerala, while its adjoining areas were under the rule of the Kolathiri Kings.

Today  St. Angelo’s Fort is the only standing witness to the immense history of Kannur. Overlooking the magnificent  Arabian Sea, the fort is built on a cliff by the side of Mapila Bay. It was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Francisco de Almeida, in 1505.



The fort houses an epitaph of Susanna Weyerman who was the wife of the Dutch Governor Godfried Weyerman . She died on 28th March 1745 A.D. and was just seventeen and half years at the time of death.


Coming back to the nearby attractions of Kannur, in the present time, one cannot miss the drive in beach that is at Muzhappilangad, a mere 14 km away from Kannur. This unique beach, and only one of its kind in India, is located between Kannur and Thalassery. Driving your vehicle on the beach with the Arabian Sea lapping beneath your wheels is an absolutely thrilling experience. During low tide one can cover a distance of approximately 5 km driving on the beach.


If you are looking for recommendation of a resort for staying then try the Club7 Beach Resort on Kizhunna Beach. Its only drawback is a hardly 50 mts stretch of bumpy mud road that finally leads to the resort. Apart from that little detail, the place offers complete value for money accommodation. Cleanliness is at its best, the food is appetizing and good and the staff is extremely pleasant and friendly. And the best part is that the beach is just 30 steps away from the resort.


So next time when you decide to plan a beach holiday, don’t just rush to Goa. There is much more that our incredible country has to offer. Searching out these hidden gems will not only make your vacations more exotic but pleasurable as well. Kannur is just a proof that good holidays can be had within the limits of a tight budget.