The Wicked Mother-In-Law

Very often I have wondered – “Why is it that the mother-in-law is wicked? And how come your own mother is the best in the whole wide world, even if she is somebody else’s mother-in-law? Aren’t we just prejudiced based on what our mothers suffered and carry it somewhere in our hearts”?

Out of sheer curiosity I studied the dynamics between the partners of this so called abusive and repulsive relationship. My friends and their respective wicked mother-in-law’s or maybe I should say monster-in-law’s were my unsuspecting subjects. So first and foremost, I want to apologise to them for digging in their lives, but fear not as I do not mention any names. This article is just a report of my findings.

Mostly, a monster-in-law does truly exist BUT only in the mind of a bitchy daughter-in-law. The culprit here is not just one party but both. This is because neither wants to apologise. Sometimes I wonder how a small word like “sorry” can be so difficult to utter. The plain and simple reason is “Ego”. Once ego comes into play its all a downhill road from there on. Neither person is willing to accept defeat and what ensues is an ugly war of words.

Power play is yet another reason that leads to the downfall of this relationship. And the poor victim in this epic clash of titans is the son or the husband (depending on which party you represent). I really fail to understand how todays women can even think of playing this tug-of-war. It’s like asking the man to choose between food and water. In any scenario the result will be death by either starvation or dehydration for the unsuspecting man.

To conclude, a little understanding from both parties will go a long way in establishing a loving and warm relationship. And yes, there do exist a handful of mother-in-laws who are real monsters but they are just that, too few, to paint all others in the same colour. So keep an open mind and don’t take offence at every minute detail. Also remember that your husband is not asking you to choose between your own mother and him so why put him through this wringer.