The Essence Of A Woman

One of the questions most often asked in any beauty pageant is, “What is the essence of a woman.” So when I had a chance to be a part of a beauty pageant I wanted to get the answer just right. The wheels in my mind worked overtime and had me thinking – “Is it right to lay down the parameters within which a woman has to define and prove her being? Is it not enough that she is a person who is what she is? But then I realised that it was my thinking that needed a little adjustment. The thought behind the question was actually to understand what makes a woman stand separate from a man. Well yes, any fool could say her physical appearance, in fact, that is the first statement which anyone would make. So yes, she is a woman and so physically she has feminine attributes. And alas, she has much more than just that.

The essence of a woman does not lie in what she looks neither does it lie in what she lets others see. Her essence lies in her soul. She is warm and caring, yet fierce and strong. She is tender and sentimental yet trusting and loving. She is an innocent girl at heart who will always be her fathers princess. She is a devoted friend and wife who will always be there no matter what. She is a mother who teaches caring and sharing, falling and standing, loving and letting go.

A woman is a pool of emotions. She has her highs and lows just like any man. And she is definitely more sentimental. She believes in cleansing her soul through tears so that she can start afresh. Letting go, regrouping and starting anew is her second nature. Life and society binds her tightly in invisible bonds that define the various roles that she plays but grace and compassion still bear her name. Her essence is her very nature and all that she encompasses. She is the balance of a family and the building block of society. Her true essence is her strength of character which is tested time and again.